Picture to article „Just Starting Again“

We have launched a brand new e-business solutions that allow our wholesale partners and other interested parties will provide better orientation in the entire product range of our products. At the same from him promise to greatly facilitate access to information on individual products, their availability and also help with updating your own photographic documentation, electronic ordering, XML feed

Picture to article „More Colours Yet“

There was a significant expansion of the color spectrum we offer PP binders to produce under the name Emperor. The total number of colors is expanded to include nine new colors - from the original 6-Ti up to a total of 15 colors.

Picture to article „We Are On Facebook“

What if we were you, we did not own a Facebook account? Except we're not - we inform you about the hot new production program of events and the like. and we are not entirely uninteresting - you will find even some diversification in the form of interest, usually a period of the history of ancient Rome.

Picture to article „Who We Are?“

We are a Czech company engaged in the manufacture archiving. At the same time we are passionate about history and especially that which occurred in the period of ancient Rome. All against the new design improved by elements coming from this period. For this year we have a number of attractions that will bind to this period and to which we will gradually get acquainted.

You will be informed about current and regular events.